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The DVD 'Home Exercises and movement advice for people with Parkinson's Disease' is a unique product designed for patients with Parkinson’s Disease as well as therapists as a source of advice and instructions for daily exercises and movements. The content is evidence-based, following the latest scientific insights from guidelines and experts.
The DVD contains more than 55 exercises and instructions. Click here to read more.... .


* The ITALIAN VERSION has arrived! Place a remark in your order that you would like the Italian version...

* For iPod/iPhone/iPad an 'app' is now available: Parkinson Home Exercises, also for iOS6!
* No computer or dvd-player? A book is also available: Mobility in Parkinson's Disease

* ParkinsonDVD has reached all continents!
* The Italian Parkinson Foundation will make a translation of the DVD.

All proceeds are donated directly to the 'European Foundation for Health and Exercise ('. This non-profit Foundation is based in the Netherlands and sponsors Research and Healthcare Innovation projects in the field of Rehabilitation and Health Care in relation to exercise and physical mobility.

NTSC (US/Canada/South America television system) NOW available!!!! 
Playable on all personal computers (PC and Mac).



The DVD can be purchased from the Order page. Payment is done using the secure Creditcard / PayPal system.

The makers of the DVD recommend using a KORG MA-1 metronome (  for exercises that involve the use of auditory rhythms to improve mobility.

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